SDKang Wins Teaching Excellence Award

Stephen has been awarded the Byoungho Lee teaching excellence award for his lecture on “Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Properties of Materials” (an intro solid-state physics class tuned for material scientists) offered during the 2nd semester of 2023. Stephen is grateful and honored to receive this award for his very first lecture offered at Seoul National University.

서울대 재료공학부 강동민 교수는 이병호 우수 강의상을 수상하였습니다. 서울대 부임 후 처음으로 강의한 “재료의 전자기적 성질” 강좌(2023학년도 2학기 학부과정)에 대해 수상하게 되었습니다.

Image Credit: Freepik – Flaticon